Product Description:


This rare earth threaded hook pot magnet has a pull force of 81 kg and a weight of 155 grams. It has a diameter of 48mm, a height of 24mm without the eyelet bolt and a total height of 64mm with the eyelet. The magnet housing thickness is 11.5mm. This neodymium mounting magnet has an M8 thread with a 8mm eyelet bolt.



Uses for our rare earth threaded hook pot magnets:

Our rare earth holding pot (threaded hook) magnets are excellent for holding cabling out of the way. These neodymium holding pot magnets are high strength rare earth magnets in a mild steel cap for extra protection against chipping or cracking. Due to the protective cover on these pot magnets, they are a single sided magnet which allows for a non-destructive and easy solution for attaching and suspending objects.

Magnetic Hook - 48mm dia - 81kg Pull