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Diver Magnet - 200

75mm diameter Neodymium Pot Magnet, Handle and Eye Nut

Product Code: DMS200-CS/P

The Diver Magnet - 200 is the largest of our single magnet range and it packs an incredible strong pull force for its size. These magnet set are used during heavy work and work that involves pneumatic or hydraulic tools for example a handheld drill, where the diver push on the drill and in that way pushes himself away from the job or work in strong currents and jobs where several tools are attached to the diver.

The Diver Magnet - 200 consists of a super strong neodymium pot magnet to provide a secure hold, a stainless steel eye nut for clipping in tools and lanyards and a stainless steel handle for a good grip to hang off and for a much needed leverage to detach the magnet once the full force is in place.


Pot Magnet Size:

75mm diameter x 18mm thickness with a 10 mm counter bored hole for fixings.

Each magnet can support a weight of up to 200kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness


Handle size:

170mm x 28mm x 3mm (316 Stainless Steel)


Eye bolt size:

M10, internal diameter of the eyebolt is 20mm and is 36mm from base collar to top.

(316 Stainless steel)


Total Weight: 750 grams

Diver Magnet - 200

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